About the Journal

The Green Publication in HARYANA, INDIA was established in the year 2015. The International Journal of Business, Management, and Accounting was our first journal. We have constantly changed the environment and the way we exchange knowledge. As a new scholarly publication platform, Green Publication has both, predicted and adapted to the challenges ahead. We stayed faithful to our fundamental beliefs in doing so, though. If it is by publishing a research article or encouraging scientists to make important decisions, our objective is to provide open access, peer-reviewed platform for researchers to publish their high-quality articles.


Focus and Scope

Green Publication provides wide-ranging journals that publish articles of interest in all areas of business, management and accounting. The magazine makes a specialty of theoretical and alertness advances, carried out and policy-orientated analysis. It targets to reinforce cooperation among the scholarly community, the political community, and the organizational decision-makers within, in addition to among different study groups. Green Publication is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes educational articles on theoretical and business aspects. Results of strict market analysis conducted using intelligent methods. Contributions containing wording or financial results are often welcomed. The main purpose of Green Publication in business administration is to quickly publicize and disseminate significant business accounting. The journal covers all fields of industry like socio-economics, management, commerce, business law, business communication, financial and managerial accounting, etc.

  • Some of Major topics of our scopus, but not limited to these:
    • General Management
    •     Financial planning
    •     Strategic Management
    •     Banking research
    •     Business and Marketing
    •     Accounting
    •     Advertising
    •     Marketing
    •     HRM
    •     Organization Studies
    •     Economics
    •     National Resources Management
    •     Crisis Management
    •     Information Technology Management
    •     Technology Management
    •     Organizational studies
    •     Industrial Management
    •     Health and Safety Management
    •     Executive Management
    •     Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    •     Fiscal and taxation policy
    •     Enterprise Resource and Planning
    •     Small/Family Business Management
    •     Intra/Entrepreneurship
    •     Government Policy on Entrepreneurship
    •     Creating marketing Orientation
    •     Managing Business Relationships
    •     wealth management
    •     Financing Business and Accounting
    •     e-business, services
    •     Managing Work Place Motivation/Pressure/Stress
    •     De-layering and Structuring
    •     Managing Learning and Improvement
    •     Instilling Creativity
    •     avenues of investment
    •     Managing Globalization and International Business
    •     Managing Supply Chains
    •     Developing/Leveraging Core Competencies
    •     Business Processes Improvement/Management
    •     Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
    •     E-Management Practices


Open access Policy

All research papers published in Green Publication Open Access journals are completely open in access: you can read, view, and share them right away. Journal is written under a Creative Commons license, which allows them to be used, distributed, and reproduced in any format as long as the original work is properly cited. The informative journal standards are something we are committed to. For a large number of journals in our portfolio, we're testing groundbreaking journal status. We want to give researchers as many open access publishing options as they do subscription publishing options, reflecting our belief in author autonomy. Green Publications believes that open access to publicly funded science, including research results, is critical to addressing the issues facing researchers.