Placental Metastasis of a Chondromatous Osteosarcoma of the Scapular Belt

Chondromatous Osteosarcoma, Placental Metastasis


  • Lofo Heriniaina Andrianarison
  • Volahasina Francine Ranaivomanana
  • Malala Mampionona Miharasoa Razakanaivo
  • Bienvenue Solange Rasoanandrianina
  • Lanto Nirina Aimé Rainibarijaona
  • Nantenaina Soa Randrianjafisamindrakotroka



pregnancy, placental metastasis, bones tumor, osteosarcoma


Pregnancy associated with cancer is rare and placental metastasis is exceptional. Breast cancer, cervix, melanoma and hematologic cancer are frequently associated with pregnancy. Bones and soft tissue tumor are rarely seen in pregnant woman. Actually, only disseminated cancer can induce placental metastasis. Although, growth factors are present during pregnancy, it seems that there is a defense mechanisms preventing neoplastic transplant within the placenta. However, gross can’t always find placental metastasis, so histological examination must be done for the diagnosis. We report a case of a 27 years old woman at 36 weeks of amenorrhea with scapular belt tumor discovered few months before her pregnancy. Due to a rapid evolution of the tumor a caesarean section was indicated. The tumor biopsy and the histological finding in the placenta showed a chondromatous osteosarcoma with placental metastasis. Our aims are to describe histological features of that type of metastasis and to compare it to other metastases of bones and soft tissue tumor.


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Andrianarison, L. H., Ranaivomanana, V. F., Razakanaivo, M. M. M., Rasoanandrianina, B. S., Rainibarijaona, L. N. A., & Randrianjafisamindrakotroka, N. S. (2022). Placental Metastasis of a Chondromatous Osteosarcoma of the Scapular Belt: Chondromatous Osteosarcoma, Placental Metastasis. International Journal For Research In Biology &Amp; Pharmacy, 8(2), 06–08.

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