Vol 5 No 9 (2019): International Journal For Research In Biology & Pharmacy (ISSN: 2208-2093)

Anatomo-clinical aspects of male breast carcinoma

Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona University Hospital
Anosiala University Hospital
Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona University Hospital
Medical School of Antananarivo
Published September 26, 2019
  • Breast Cancer,
  • Male,
  • Cytodiagnosis,
  • Histological Subtypes
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RAIVOHERIVONY, Z. I., RAKOTONDRAINIBE, F. N., RANAIVOSON, H. V. R., & RANDRIANJAFISAMINDRAKOTROKA, N. S. (2019). Anatomo-clinical aspects of male breast carcinoma. International Journal For Research In Biology & Pharmacy (ISSN: 2208-2093), 5(9), 41-47. Retrieved from https://gnpublication.org/index.php/bp/article/view/1119


Male breast cancer is a rare pathology. It represents 1% of all male cancers. The diagnosis is often late, which makes the prognosis pejorative. The aim of our study is to describe the cytological and histo-epidemiological aspects of male breast cancer diagnosed at Anatomy and Cytology Pathology Laboratory of Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona University Hospital in Antananarivo during 9 years.This is a retrospective and descriptive study, including all cases of male breast cancer, diagnosed on cytological examination, with or without histological examination.We collected 7 cases. The average age of the patients was 45 years old. The disease was revealed in all cases by a palpable mass of 20 to 40 mm long axis, unilateral in 6 cases and bilateral in one case. The diagnosis was ductal carcinoma in all cases. One case was histologically confirmed and classified as infiltrating ductal carcinoma (stage II SBR (3 + 2 + 1), stage ypT4N2Mx), with Luminal A molecular type (ER +, PR -, HER2 -).Male breast cancer is often discovered at advance stage. Cytological examination has an important place in the diagnosis.


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