Vol 5 No 7 (2019): International Journal For Research In Mathematics And Statistics (ISSN: 2208-2662)


Published July 28, 2019
  • mathematical modeling,
  • viral hepatitis C,
  • kinetic variables,
  • simulation
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I. EDISSONOV, & S. RANCHEV. (2019). MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF THE IMMUNE PROCESS AT VIRAL HEPATITIS C. International Journal For Research In Mathematics And Statistics (ISSN: 2208-2662), 5(7), 01-09. Retrieved from https://gnpublication.org/index.php/ms/article/view/1021


Mathematical model at viral hepatitis C is proposed as nonlinear system from ordinary differential equations. Based on clinical data of the immune process at viral Hepatitis C a numerical simulation is carried out.  As a result of the simulation such values of the parameters in the kinetic model are obtained at which the experimental clinical values are maximal near to the theoretical results.


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