Mechanical characteristic and improvement of the frame of the light electric sanitation vehicle

  • Lv Shaobin Henan polytechnic University
  • Xu Ruidong
  • Yang Zhifei
Keywords: : Electric sanitation vehicle, frame, statics analysis, finite element analysis


Aiming at the complex mechanical characteristic of the frame of the light electric sanitation vehicle under various working conditions, the finite element method is used. Based on the whole vehicle model established in the three-dimensional software, the statics characteristic is analyzed, and the displacement and the stress diagrams are gotten under typical working conditions. The improvement is carried out for the frame structure, and the corresponding statics characteristic is analyzed and verified. The results show that the mechanical property is significantly improved and the improved frame satisfies the design requirements. The influence on the vehicle driving characteristic is analyzed, which lays a foundation for the relative experiment, dynamics analysis and structural improvement of the frame


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Author Biography

Xu Ruidong

School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo 454003, China;


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