Investigating the Evolution of Legislation in Afghanistan


  • Mahbubullah Ruhani Lecturers of Prosecution and Judgement Department, Law and Political Sciences Faculty, Kunduz University
  • Abdul Salim Ehsan Lecturers of Prosecution and Judgement Department, Law and Political Sciences Faculty, Kunduz University



Legislation, Statute, Articles of Association, Law, Constitution of Afghanistan


The existence of law in society is one of the inevitabilities. In no society, especially in civilized societies, can a dignified and orderly life continue without the existence of law and the consolidation of its rule, and society can have led to progress and development. In this article, we explain the evolution of legislation in Afghanistan and examine the political history of Afghanistan in the last century; A history that has been experienced by various regimes, from monarchy to absolute monarchy, from constitutional monarchy to republic, and from democratic republic to emirate and Islamic republic. This article answers to this question with a descriptive-analytical method, when did the legislation in Afghanistan start and what ups and downs did it go through? The findings of this article show that the history of legislation in Afghanistan dates back to be about a century ago and this issue has been addressed in different periods with different approaches and principles.


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