About the Journal

Aim & Scope

International Journal for research in chemistry is an open access journal follows double blind peer review process with quarterly frequency. We accept research articles, review articles, short communications and thesis in field of Synthetic organic and bioorganic chemistry, Cluster Chemistry, Carbohydrate chemistry, X-Ray crystallography etc.

Open Access Policy:

The aim of our journal is to make the availability of published material to worldwide. So we support the open access policy so that anyone can view or download the articles without any restrictions.

All articles published at http://gnpublication.org are freely accessible. Readers do not require to pay or register at our website for accessing the published material.

Double Blind Peer Review:

International Journal for research in chemistry  follows the double blind peer review policy for ensuring the quality of research. The information of author and reviewers are kept hidden from each other. This help the reviewers to evaluate the article independent of their interest based on religious or regional belief.

List of Topics accepted:

  •     Synthetic organic and bioorganic chemistry
  •     Preparative main group and transition metal chemistry
  •     Organometallic chemistry
  •     Structural organic and inorganic chemistry
  •     Cluster Chemistry
  •     New synthetic and asymmetric methodology
  •     Catalysis and high pressure chemistry
  •     Parallel and high throughput syntheses
  •     Innovative fluorination methodology
  •     Synthesis and chemistry of fluorine-containing organic compounds
  •     Carbohydrate chemistry
  •     Natural product synthesis
  •     Macrocyclic and heterocyclic chemistry
  •     Polymer and materials synthesis and characterization
  •     Supramolecular chemistry
  •     Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
  •     The chemistry and physics of electronic and photonic materials
  •     Solution state kinetics and reaction mechanism
  •     Theoretical and computational chemical physics
  •     Molecular reaction dynamics
  •     Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (solution and solid state)
  •     Solid-state chemistry
  •     X-Ray crystallography
  •     Functional materials
  •     Chemistry of surfaces and interfaces
  •     Fullerene and carbon nanotube chemistry
  •     Flow cytometry
  •     The chemistry of proteins and lipids