Physicochemical and Microbial Analysis of Pond Water in Some Fish Farms in Awka Metropolis, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria


  • Ikeogu C.F
  • Akinrotimi O.A
  • Ayaobu-Cookey, I.K
  • Onoja C.R
  • Onyemegbulem H.C



Water, Aquaculture, Microbial profiles, Fish, Physico-chemical parameters


This study assessed the physicochemical parameters and microbial profiles of pond waters in some fish farms in Awka metropolis, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.  . Water samples were collected from rearing tanks in five fish farms designated as A, B, C, D and E located within Awka metropolis. Fourteen physiochemical parameters and four microbial variables were analyzed using standard laboratory methods and procedures. The results indicated  that the parameters ranged as  follows: pH 4.97-6.94, Temperature 27.40-29.20°C, Dissolved oxygen 3.50-5.50mg/L, Turbidity 4.43-7.97NTU, Total dissolved solids 73.60-226.83mg/L, Chemical oxygen demand19.81- 42.45mg/L, Biological oxygen demand 3.35-4.15mg/L, Total hardness 23.70-34.35mg/L, Electrical conductivity159.84- 255.48 µs/cm, Alkalinity 43.45-54.87ppm, Nitrate 2.49-7.52ppm, Sulphate 23.92- 84.48ppm, Phosphate 2.17-9.67ppm and Ammonia 0.00-2.36ppm. The results of the microbial analysis are as follows; Total Heterotropic count ranged between 15.51-81.77,Total Coliform count 4.03-23.90, Total yeast/Mould count 0.94-6.01 and Total staphylococcus Count 0.00-9.28. Most of the values obtained from each of the water parameters did not fall within the acceptable range for fish growth and survival, except in Farm D whose water parameters fits into the acceptable range and has the highest fish production rate. It is therefore recommended that there should be a constant monitoring of physicochemical parameters and microbial profiles of Fish farm located within Awka metropolis in order to easily detect changes in water quality which may be harmful to aquatic organisms.