Economic status and Changing Pattern of Manipuri Cultural Activities

  • Dr. Manindra Singha
Keywords: Rites, Rituals of Death, Culture, Social Structure, Festival, Ningol Chakauba


The changing pattern of Manipuri cultural and ritual activities are highly reflecting in every activity. It implies where the general people expended earlier a little amount specially in marriage, rites and ritual death anniversary etc. Since the early primitive stage there had been rituals observed in connection with death of an individual. King Kangha observed the ritual by rganism a grand feast held in honour of the supreme ultimate Ancestor for his death forefathers. This was a time when the deaths were thrown only to be taken by a divinely bird kakyen Meengamba in the land of the deaths. Kangb’s future generations began to bury their deaths in a specified place Mongfam.


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Author Biography

Dr. Manindra Singha

Department of Economics, Lala ,Rural College, Lala, Hailakandi, Assam


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