Chemical Analysis of Irrigation Water and its Effects on Soil of Dera Ghazi Khan

  • Ayaz Ahmad
  • Dr.Asma Saeed Biological Sciences Gomal University
  • Dr.Allah Bakhsh Gulshan
Keywords: Irrigation water, EC, SAR, RSC, Salinity


Irrigated water brings some dissolved salts from sources. The quality and quantity of these dissolved salts depend on the source. Usually most water dissolved substance include sodium (Na+1), magnesium (Mg+2), calcium (Ca+2), chloride (Cl-1), carbonate (CO3-2) and bicarbonates (HCO3-1). The amount and concentration of these dissolved ions determine the fitness of water for irrigation. The common quality parameters are Electrical Conductivity (EC), Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) and Residual Sodium Carbonate (RSC). Unfortunately, canal water is inadequate to meet the requirement of crops under severe harvesting system in Punjab. In Dera Ghazi Khan there is many ways are used to irrigate the cultivated soils other than canal systems like tube wells. In which more than 70% water are of poor quality. The study area is either canal irrigated or irrigated through tube wells. This research was conducted in 25 km area from Qasba Samina Sadat to Taunsa canal west of the D.G.Khan city in 2018. To achieve the goal of this research, the study was revealed in the Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research Dera Ghazi Khan. The 40 water samples were collected from different sites which are irrigated through both canal and tube well system. The samples were collected in plastic bottles after the 30 minutes operation of tube wells. Similarly 22 soil samples were collected in plastic bags to test the effect of irrigated water on soil of the study area. Table.4 Shows that approximately 40% irrigated water is unfit and 20% is marginally fit for irrigation. This is indication of soil is towards salinity pattern.

The water and soil samples were analyzed at Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Dera Ghazi Khan for electrical conductivity, cations (Ca+2+ Mg+2, Na+1) and anions (CO3-2, HCO3-1 and Cl-1) by the methods described by Page et al.,(1982)[10]. Residual sodium carbonates (RSC) and Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) were calculated through international standard.


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Author Biographies

Ayaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor of Biology Govt. Degree College Block.17 D.G.Khan,Punjab Pakistan

Dr.Asma Saeed, Biological Sciences Gomal University

Associate Professor Department of Biological Sciences Gomal University D.I.K, KPK. Pakistan.

Dr.Allah Bakhsh Gulshan

Associate Professor of Botany,Registerar Ghazi University D.G.Khan,Punjab.Pakistan


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