Effectiveness of SONICTENS in the management of Supraspinatus Tendinitis: An innovative approach


  • Dr. Sunil Harsulkar MGM School of Physiotherapy. Assistant Professor. Aurangabad
  • Dr Nidhi Oza BPT, MGM School of Physiotherapy, Aurangabad
  • Dr Winnie Jose BPT,MGM School of Physiotherapy,Aurangabad
  • Dr Satyam Bhodaji BPT,MGM School of Physiotherapy,Aurangabad
  • Supriya Sugave BPT,MGM School of Physiotherapy,Aurangabad


Shoulder pain, Electrotherapy, SONICTENS




Objectives:To find out the effectivenessof an innovative approach in the form of SONICTENS (Modified TENS and Ultrasound Unit) in a male with Supraspinatus Tendinitis.

Design:Single case study design.

Setting:Tertiary care center.

Participant: A single individual with Supraspinatus Tendinitis participated in this study.

Intervention: An Innovative Electrotherapy approach called SONICTENS (Modified TENS and Ultrasound Unit) where Ultrasound Transducer head modified by creating a socket for TENS Electrode lead which then acted as both the Ultrasound Transducer and as metal electrode emitting both Sonic Waves and Simultaneous TENS. The Treatment was given on alternate Days for 2 weeks for 15 Minutes.

Main outcome measures:Pain relief in terms of Numerical Pain Rating scale (NPRS) and Active Shoulder Range of Motion(AROM).

Results: Pain was reduced by 5 Points on NPRS scale and active shoulder abduction increased by 40 degrees and external rotation by 30 degrees.

Conclusion: SONICTENS may be used for relief of pain and improvement in Active Range of Motion (AROM) in supraspinatus tendinitis. Acting as a combo therapy unit it saves time and accelerate the healing.


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