The Intervention to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion in patient of hamstring strain- A case report.

Intervention to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion in patient of hamstring strain- A case report.


  • aboli pedgaonkar nitin pedgaonkar BPT
  • Dr. Varsha Mishra Associate Professor MGM School of Physiotherapy, Aurangabad


Hamstring strain, Foam rolling therapy, Nordic hamstring exercises and chiropractic spinal adjustive therapy.


Background and Objective: Hamstring strain is the common injury, which is also referred as “Pulled Hamstring”. A 20 years old male Athlete was practicing for 100-meter race for his matches and got injured with his hamstring. Later on he was referred to Physiotherapy department with complaints of pain and impaired walking and also with difficulty in running. On investigations, MRI revealed partial tear of distal part of hamstring muscle.


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